Night Life in Brussels

Brussels nights are often lively and full of immeasurable fun. This world’s renowned beer city has a wide collection of trendy bars and pubs for those who wish to enjoy a drink or two. You can also enjoy a dinner out in any of the restaurants which serve a variety of dishes. Nightclubs and discos are a common feature of this cosmopolitan city. You will also find many people going to the cinema, theater or attending a concert on a fine night.

As long as you are above the age of sixteen, you can hop into any pub and have some beer to sip. Some of the most popular pubs include the Brasserrie De l’Union, A La Becasse, A La Mort Subite, the Beer Circus and the Monk. These pubs usually serve beer from Brussels, but you can also find some exotic wine in some of the pubs.

Bars and clubs are the places where mostly young people spending their evenings. Le Tavernier is probably the most popular bar among university students since it is located right next to a campus. Other bars and clubs include the Hydra-Breaks, Mappa Mundo, the Botanique, the Ancienne Belgique and the Fuse. These bars and clubs usually play a wide range of music from rock and roll and hip hop to jazz and soul music. They also serve the most popular brand of beer and wines. Those who love to dance will have the opportunity to do just that in the discos and dance floors in the clubs.

If the bars, pubs and night clubs are not your idea of fun, then there is another option – cinemas. You can watch some of the worldwide celebrated films in movie theatres such as the Arenberg Galeries, Actors Studio, Cinematheque Royal de Belgique, Styx, Cinema Hova, Vendome, the UGC De Brouckere and Flagey. The films are usually in Dutch, French or English.

Another thing that you can do to while away the evening hours is attending a night concert. Brussels is a well known host of many big names in the entertainment world. You can get a ticket and attend any of the live performances by any of your favorite musicians. Live performances are usually conducted at the Botanique, the Forest National or the Circue Royal. Alternatively you can visit the theater and enjoy one or two plays or musicals.