Attractions in Brussels

Brussels is an old city that has been the center for politics since the early ages. Brussels is the largest city in Belgium and is an attraction by itself due to the creative architectural structures which definitely attract any tourist. The attractions in Brussels are one of the factors that have contributed to tourists going to the place year in year out. The place has spectacular attractions and one’s visit to this place will totally leave you with a story to tell. Beautifully maintained buildings are an attraction because they have passed the test of time and they seem to be very gorgeous.

There are numerous museums in Brussels. One of the most frequented museums is the Museum of Musical Instruments. It is located near the Royal Palace. Not only musical enthusiasts frequent this place it is also liked by kids as well. This art place exhibits the musical instruments that were used in the early ages. This museum does not only display but also offers the tourists the chance to test out and listen to the kind of sound produced by the instruments.

The Grand Palace in Brussels is a central market square that is a huge attraction; it is a very beautiful place. The fifteenth century Town Hall with the statues has undergone renovation over the years but this place still remains attractive. Taking a walk or using sight seeing travel guides will guarantee you a view of the best attractions ever. Another attraction is the Cathedral of Saint Michael, which has also been renovated to make it better. The Atomium is also an interesting place to visit it is a large construction of steel with a representation of an iron atom. For the nature enthusiasts there is the Bois de la Cambre. Amusements parks for the kids are available or fun games and activities for the whole family.

The hotels and restaurants in Brussels are other reasons that keep tourists coming back to this city. The hotels are of quality and offer unmatched hospitality with good prices and welcoming atmosphere. Tourists who are enchanted by the performing arts will definitely enjoy a tour to Brussels; this place has people with diverse interests and talents. The festivals are very engaging and they are held in the several theatres in Brussels. When it comes to dance, opera, music and concerts you can only get the best from Brussels.