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Cultural Perspective of Brussels

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Belgium’s culture mixes the Flemish North and the French South and somehow tends to culturally closer to the Paris. The Belgians have great love for the visual arts and performances and is it as catered and attached to a variety of theatre forms including opera, ballet and stage music. In Brussels, there are as much as thirty independent theaters thus make the city the leading center for performing arts and culture. Therefore the National Orchestra and the National Opera House are must visit spot in the city. Brussels is livid center for alternative rock venues, jazzy crowds and classical music halls, and other forms of art and culture are though popular in this European capital.

Brussels provides numerous lists of sights and landmarks that one would love and cherish on the course of longer run. Contrary to low rising architecture and over all impression of a friendly town, Brussels, entirely have around seventy-five museums for everything that comes into one’s mind The city too is rich in beautiful public buildings, shadowy parks and lively town squares along with sidewalk cafes. The core section of the town is concentrated in the Grote Markt area and is compacted with all the museums and important structures situated there within the walking distance. Convenient public there let visitors to travel at far distant sites.

The most featuring landmark in the cit of Brussels is the town’s main square, Grote Markt, that is praised as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. With its guild houses lining the cobbled square, the Gothic tracery of the Hôtel de Ville, and the peculiar architecture of the Maison du Roi, Grote Markt is one of the most popular attractions. A symbol to Belgian culture the real attraction of the city is the Manneken Pis that is a tiny statue of a young boy that is closely associated with Brussels.

As Brussels is home to architect Victor Horta, therefore it presents an ideal spot in Europe to look for Art Nouveau treasures. Horta’s vivid, organic-looking and colourful structures are scattered through out the city, though his former home, the Horta Museum, has important memorabilia related to his life at this museum. Brussels’ culture can be seen everywhere and at different forms and styles. There is a comic strip museum in the city, where, the nice and clever Belgian comic artists gathers different moods that are witty, sardonic and the cartoon pieces there even includes morbid pieces involving the famous ‘Tintin’ by Herge.

As the official capital of the European Commission, Brussels is home to a good number of International organizations and is being considered as one of the upcoming cosmopolitan cities in the world. To showcase that global feeling there is a small park in the city that features important buildings from many European counties like Leaning Tower of Pisa, a tiny Acropolis, or a scaled-down version of the Brandenburg Gate and others. Thus Brussels is truly a global city.

Nightlife in Brussels, a different prespective to enjoyment

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Brussels’s at the center of Europe is popular for encouraging budding stars to tour here. Jazz is very popular in Brussels since 1920s and there occur a year-round live jazz at various centers and venues. The club scene in Brussels comparatively remains in high node as drawing crowds of locals, expats and tourists roam around at various bars and Irish pubs in Brussels. Below are mentioned some popular centers of Nightlife in Brussels.

• Kaaitheater: It is a primary Flemish theatre in Brussels and its studio is located at rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil 81. The work of art from radical choreographers is also been staged here as well as at Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg.

• Palais des Beaux Arts: It is the main cross-cultural center in Brussels that organizes major art exhibitions, theatre, dance, and classical music. It is home to the National Orchestra and Philharmonic Society that hosts most of the major concerts in Brussels and remains in full swing in between from September to June.

• Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie: It is a national opera house where renowned and the most famous productions are staged. The famous theater company, De Keersmaecker’s Rosas Company (dance) also performs here.

• Théâtre de Toone: At the 17th-century Théâtre de Toone, classics such as Faust and King Lear are performed in French and Flemish (peppered with local dialect) by marionettes manipulated by seven puppeteers. Performances are occasionally in English.

• Au Soleil: It is a pleasing small bar with an art deco interior and a variety of beers mugs to offer.

• Théâtre de Toone VII: It is a quite theater where primarily puppet activities are organized and carried away and recreates atmosphere of recreation and enjoyment.

• Halles de Schaerbeek: It is known for hosting large-scale opera, theatre and dance performances, as well as pop acts.

• Arenberg: It is a good arthouse cinema that has a well-programmed selection of films, especially for the newer art house movies.

• Musée du Cinema: It is located within the Centre for Fine Arts and has features like carefully selected selection of contemporary and classic arthouse films. Its entrance fee comparatively is too cheaper.

• Vendome: It is another popular art house cinema in Brussels that is situated close to the Porte de Namur (Naamsepoort) and is improvised and popular as the metaphysical gateway to a sounding African neighborhood known to be as Matongé.

• Flagey:
It is an old broadcasting headquarters and presently has center for a regional TV station. It is rather popular over there as ‘’the sound and images factory’. Here theatre pieces or world-renowned musicians all are featured.

Annual events in Brussels, a prevaling sense to art and culture

Friday, October 8th, 2010

As around the art and culture, the city is being known for many renowned artists for many years. The renowned Belgian surrealist René Magritte was too educated in Brussels. The city too was home to impressionist painters like Anna Boch from the Artist Group Les XX. And this feel of art and culture too can be seen at various art festivals in Brussels.

• Brussels Flower Show:
It is held magnificently and with and outstanding approach at the unique Basilica of the Sacred Heart in the Brussels suburb of Koekelberg and is the spot for the city’s annual flower show. It is in every October the grounds of this massive Art Deco edifice gets transformed into an Eden, filled with flowers, water features and plants as collected from about 100 florists. There Visitors even can enjoy themselves in the light of the flower show as in addition to decoration at Basilica itself. , the largest neo-Gothic church in the world, its interior decorated in 1930s style. In the show someone climbing the dome is gets rewarded with a beautiful panorama across the city and its surrounding.

• ArtBrussels: Under this event about tens of thousands of art experts and art lovers from entire globe eagerly takes part in the ArtBrussels, the Belgium’s premier art festival, being known for its high standard and esteem. The Belgian Association of Contemporary Art Galleries formally established ArtBrussels in 1968 and today its work on view are being selected by international committee from about 150 international galleries.

Europalia Festival: This is an international level of major international arts festival that is there being organized for every two years. It was started in 1969 and till now has organized about 20 festivals. And there each festival gets organized based upon a one invited country’s cultural heritage. In program, there highlight focuses upon the music, fine arts, photography, cinema, theatre, dance and literature.

• Brussels Flower Carpet: The elegant Grand Place as located in the centre of Brussels sometimes get converted into a huge massive carpet of fresh begonias, and is weaved into a theme pattern. In 2006, the tapestry was provided from the middle Ages, where flowers were arranged on revolving platforms as to make a giant kaleidoscope of ‘rose windows’. It also uses even some designs from the past like Belgium folklore and mythology, the Brussels Coat of Arms, and Turkish rugs. Here multi-coloured carpet even can be used and seen from the balcony of the City Hall.

• Brussels Beach: This is merely not just a beach, but also a seaside resort in the center of Brussels on the edge of the canal, Brussels Beach, or Bruxelles Les Bains. It provides about a half a mile of better sand, coconut palms and waterfalls, and plenty of sport, relaxation and cultural activities. One there can indulge there in activities like beach volleyball, pétanque and ultimate Frisbee. There a Thai pagoda also keeps the several professional masseurs as for relaxation and enjoyment. It also shows enjoyment in form of live music, DJs and shows.

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